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Ray-Ban's Never Hide Campaign

Ray-Ban launched their Never Hide campaign in 2007 in an effort to help people remain true to themselves. "In its every form, the Ray-Ban campaign portrays regular guys and girls living their day to day lives with authenticity, with the courage to express themselves and their unique individuality, which is the most precious thing we have, because the most fashionable thing prescription sunglasses to be is yourself," the official Press Release for the campaign reads.

The campaign has now morphed into a creative outlet for customers to be inspired by on a daily basis on their website. From the Never Hide Films to photo galleries to music and connecting one another on social media, people are encouraged to be themselves and join together tonever hide.

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The most recent video posted by Never Hide Films is the most clever sunglass illusion you will probably ever see. The Ray-Ban Folding Clubmaster is the featured sunglass model in this brilliant film and will keep you stunned and hitting play multiple times to figure the illusion out.

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