Collection: Dragon

The Dragon glasses echelon-driven product technology highly benefits the users. The Light transmission technology features the added performance undertaken on lens coating and tints for enhanced clarity, vision perfection, and ultraviolet protection. The ionized mirror polar technology enhances the lens for ultimate glare protection and excellent abrasion resilience. The Grilamid technology features highly engineered thermoplastic nylon known for its lightweight superiority and elasticity yet highly durable on a wide array of colors and unique frame patterns. The Propionate features sleek and smooth acetate finish design in highly durable yet hug fitting frame technology. And the eco features of the Dragon glasses defines that the product was made from 100% renewable materials. These are earth-friendly materials which degrade almost naturally.

A proven leader in innovation, Dragon glasses continue to evolve to cater to the demand of its users and wearers. Highly favored by today’s generation mainly because of the unique and youthful designs and patterns, the Dragon Sunglasses shall continue to serve high quality products as long as there are users and wearers who wear the product manufactured specifically for people who love sports and the great outdoors for all seasons all throughout the year.

Dragon glasses leading eyewear and accessories brand in the active youth lifestyle market.