Collection: Julbo

With proven expertise and track record in producing high quality eyewear all over the world, Julbo Goggles leads the way when it comes to lens technology, innovation, unique goggle designs and patterns. With Julbo's specialization in Julbo lens technology goes beyond product definition having been the pioneer in various lens technology. The company pledged to offer its users optical quality for which they were famous worldwide. Each user of Julbo Goggles was assured of excellent lens technology for which the company was famous for since its founding in 1888. Superior eyewear craftsmanship, The Julbo Goggles was loaded with technologies and functionality that every user would go using them over and over again. Those technologies and functions are as follows:


  • The Julbo Goggles lenses have passed the regulated standardization and laboratory testing required by ANSI Z87.1 in terms of dimension, thickness, impact and fracture-free testing.
  • The Julbo Goggle lens are highly coated with anti-fog and anti-reflective materials that are likely sought technology needed specifically for goggles used on winter sports activities. Goggles need to be fog free and should block intense light, flashes, heavy glare and light sharpness so the user can attain excellent vision contrast, accurate and clear visibility for longer periods of time.
  • The Julbo Goggle lenses are smudge and scratch-proof and resistant from oil and other liquid substances, finger and hair marks helping the user see more clearly without any unnecessary stains and liquid marks including water and snow.
  • The premium lens and optical grade of the Julbo Goggle lenses are tested for excellent clearness on any weather condition, day in and day out even on high altitude levels.


And for the highly acclaimed lens technology, all Julbo Eyewear including its sunglasses and goggles line shares the following functional technology:

. The Zebra Light® lens offers excellent photochromic vividness even on low lighted conditions and easily adapt on high intense light conditions. Ideal goggles to wear from dawn to dusk.

The Falcon® lens was developed for motoring and are highly recommended for driving enthusiasts.

. The Camel® lens was developed fit and was recommended for mountainous and snowy terrains as well as vision engagement on desert and sandy dunes.

The Falcon® lens was developed for motoring and are highly recommended for driving enthusiasts.

The Octopus® lens defines the clearest vision in an all-weather condition for water sports enthusiasts.

Julbo Goggles are sold in an array of designs, colors and patterns. Each are assured of superior lens craftsmanship the company was made famous for since it started in 1888. Each detail was captured on every technology and innovation added unto the lenses defining vision superiority, vantage and perfection. Every part of the lens are excellently engineered for optimum vision clarity, precision and vividness on an all-weather, all lighting condition and all terrain span. A fitting and versatile eyewear that has earned recognition all over the world.