Collection: SPY Optic

These sports individuals became the most influential part in the creation and technologically improving the eyewear and contribute to the brand's global rapid growth and development. Ace snowboarders Shaun Palmer, Victoria Jelouse, Marc Frank Montoya are David Carrier-Porcheron highly endorsed Spy Optic Sunglasses. Professional surfers Sunny Garcia and Malloy brothers ride on waves with the Spy Optic S. BMX riders Jamie Bestwick, motocross superstar Jeremy McGrath, skateboarder Danny Way, NASCAR race drivers Richard “The King” and son Kyle Petty, Indy Car superstars Christian Fittipaldi and Paul Tracy are all proud wearers of the eyewear.

Spy Optic Sunglasses was induced with Spy's anti fogging lens technology giving an exceptional all time clear lens advantage. The oleophobic and hydrophobic lens coatings were pioneering technologies integrated on Spy Optic Sunglasses in proofing the lens against scratches, smudges and other superficial damages. The unique bold sports designs were made with high quality Grilamid frame materials and are supported with comfortable h ytrel rubber nose pads and temple tips. Every Spy Optic Sunglass lens are guaranteed 100% UV abled protected. The dazzling Spectra® mirrored lens offer a multitude of colors to suit everyone's style and passion. In line with Spy Optic's service to its valued customers, Spy Optic offers a full refund within 14 days for unsatisfactory quality of the Spy Optic Happy Lens performance.

The makers of Spy Optic Sunglasses was committed to make the eyewear made with the highest quality and most functional best looking eyewear that go on your face. A conviction to make every individual that wears the Spy Optic Sunglasses to see better, feel better and be happy. We at Heavglare will be happy to offer you great bargain packages when you purchase online the Spy Optic Sunglasses.