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Golf Sunglasses

Golf Sunglasses features the essential quality of precision and image definition performance from an ideal eyewear throughout the sports game of golf. Golf is a sport that requires unobstructed focus, unyielding determination and precise detailing on the fields of greens that offers uncertain competitive challenges in the field, of the weather, the environment and self-endurance to win and get that coveted hole in one. And to be able to meet those challenges, the ideal Golf Sunglasses should have the following attributes:

  • 100% resilient from all harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • The Photochromic lens function of golf prescription sunglasses must provide the best image and object detailing despite the wavering conditions of the surrounding light. Adjusting the lens instantly during light changes in the fields.
  • The Anti-reflective lens which carries Polarization coatings should not fail to cast off all the blinding glare of reflective objects and surfaces.
  • Unbreakable and impact proof lenses to protect the eyewear from heavy swing blows as the player get that birdie on the greens.
  • Fog-free performance preventing misting and moisture droplets on the lens which can hamper the player’s focus and detail. A superior air vent system will trap out fog and misting as it retains the needed moisture to refresh the eyes.
  • An optional eyewear retainer in golf prescription sunglasses to restrain the eyewear from falling off during heavy swing and movements.
Golfing sunglasses available in your prescription, so you can watch the ball shoot from the tee to the hole. Tap-in to Heavyglare before you hit the greens!