Collection: Lifestyle Sunglasses

Lifestyle Sunglasses for when you are taking it easy and not engaged in your active sports.

Some of the ideal features of a highly functional and performing prescription Sports Sunglasses are:

  • High performing Polarized lens capabilities to filter and bounce all the harmful glare of high glossy surfaces and objects.
  • Flawless Photochromic lens performance to provide utmost color and hue precision necessary for eyesight focus and detailing despite the changing of the environment lights and weather transitions.
  • Total resistance to UVA & UVB ultraviolet light rays.
  • Breakage-free and shock resistant to equally perform with every sports challenges and prevention of sports related injuries.
  • Fog and haze blocker to provide total acuity excellence.
  • Made from excellent lightweight lens and frame materials so as not to add pressures on the head and face.
  • Moisture retainer lens guards or shields to keep the eyes fully lubricated despite the searing heat of the sun, the dryness brought by the wind and other natural environmental factors.
  • Comfortable and breathable eye shields to safeguard from all known eye irritants.
  • Durable and indestructible lens and frame materials that can withstand breakage and impact falls.
  • Excellent quick changing lens functionality to aid fast performance especially during light changing and lap events.
  • Hug fitting and flexible skull temples and nose bridges made in the most comfortable materials to avoid head and facial pressures.
  • Made from hypoallergenic and skin friendly materials to withstand reactions on sweat, tears and other allergens excreted by the body during sports performance.
  • Add-on lens shield to provide that extra lens safety, comfort and protection.
  • Other add on features like GPS tracking and the likes to provide information on terrain, weather, altitude, speed and other athletic sunglasses features necessary in the excellent performance of the sports.
  • Optional eyewear retainer for ease and add on eyewear security on accidental sports eyewear slippage.