Collection: Polo

The Polo Eyewear Polarized Eyeglasses has been proven to effectively cut and block off the glare ensuring quality vision clarity and enhanced color definition. The highly effective anti-glare coating of the polo Eyewear resist the glare produced by highly reflective surfaces. The Polo Eyewear Polarized Eyeglasses completely resist UVA / UVB light rays exposed by the sun and other severe bright lights. The Polo Eyewear’s sturdy CR 39 polycarbonate resin lenses have anti-scratch coating that guarantee protection from unwanted and unnecessary abrasions, smudges and stains. The Polycarbonate lenses of Polo Eyewear are highly ideal in protecting the sensitive eyes of children and individuals with high allergy to plastic resin materials. Polo Eyewear was careful in its selection of hypoallergenic polycarbonate materials in its lens production. Polo Eyewear uses prime grade acetate materials as frames for their eyewear. Acetate was ideal in terms of flexing so that the frame easily fit the shape and contours of the face and head. It also enables Ralph Lauren Company to easily put the latest fashionable trend and styles fitted for the Polo Eyewear and its users aside from the array of rich colors and patterns on each model of the eyewear product. Adding to the prestige of the Ralph Lauren Eyeglasses is the Ralph Lauren’s distinct ‘polo horseman’ emblem logo visible in all the temple frames. Ralph Lauren has envisioned the Polo horseman as the emblem that represents the proud American look and tradition. His expression of the elite and the spirit of a lifestyle-oriented ‘good life.’

Polo Eyewear is a signature prescription eyewear which transforms the wearer from the ordinary to that highly elite fashion look. The Polo Eyewear for those men who needed to look dignified and elite. Heavyglare.com is a proud distributor of the Polo Eyewear from Ralph Lauren’s original signature collection. We offer great deals for value on every Polo Eyewear you will buy from us online. Chat with us now, our friendly eyewear consultants are experts in giving you insights on your next pair of the Polo Eyewear you will buy from our collection.