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The SR-91® technology was the first of its kind non-polycarbonate lens material that passed the high mass impact performance standard set under ANSI Z87.1. In December 2012, Morgan Miller, wife of Olympic skier Bode Miller attested that Kaenon Polarized lens shielded her right eye from the devastating impact of her husband Bode Miller's rushing 160 mph line driving golf ball. The full impact was held through by the tough resin based, non-polycarbonate lens material of the Kaenon Eyeglasses she was wearing during the time of impact. Her amazing story was featured by Huffington Post News .

Top athletes like Eric Sogard, Mark and Janelle Smiley, Courtney Conlogue, Brian Gay, Mark Weir, Ryan Howard, Jason Sissel, Ray Davies, Belen Mozo, Jano Soto, Pernilla Linberg, Gina Kehr, Matt Meola, Anna Tunnicliffe and Carl Petterson were all proud Kaenon Eyewear ambassadors. The unique formulation of 3 0 µm Glare 8TMpolarizing film coating element was a unique light transmission agent embedded in each of the 40 level lens of the Kaenon Eyeglasses. This process was certified by Colt Laboratories as having the most advanced polarized technology in the eyewear market. With the highest 40 lines resolution on its Polarized lens which are undetectable by the human eye being close to real perfection in terms of lens clarity and acuity.

What founders Steve and Darren Rosenberg initiated for the company in the year 2001 was to develop an eyewear that will institutionalize the perfect formula of comfort, safety, technological design and uncompromised acuity performance. What they have developed so far surpassed even beyond the standard set by the eyewear industry. Bringing forth excellence in comfortable lifestyle for individuals who needed quality eyewear without sacrificing comfort and lens clarity. The inspiring technology offered by the manufacturer of Kaenon Eyeglasses are part of the prime eyewear collection of heavyglare.com. We are likewise proud to help you choose a model of Kaenon Eyeglasses that definitely offers technological quality eyewear suitable to your choice of activity and lifestyle. Order online now, our very accommodating eyewear specialists are quick to assist you in your desire to find that model of Kaenon Eyeglasses you are searching for.