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Costa: Bluefin Tuna on the Line

Back in the prime days of Frank Sinatra, the islands of Bimini and Cat Cay were swarming with giant Bluefin tuna. The area in the Caribbean between these two islands was even inaugurated as the birthplace of big game sport fishing wearing prescription sunglasses and shortly after the famous Cat Cay Tuna Tournament was born. Over the decades, commercial over-harvesting and other circumstances have left the area deserted from the Bluefin population. Costa has recently decided to revive the the islands, sport and legacy. Along with the Merritt family, they are proving that the sport fishing in 'Tuna Alley' as it is known, still has a strong future.

No one had caught a giant Bluefin tuna in over four years, up until right now. Costa had a successful expedition to catch and release a giant Bluefin, and Costa along with the Cat Cay Yacht Club have just announced the come back of the Cat Cay Tuna Tournament. Re-announcing the tournament is the first step in the development of reviving the sport fishing in Bimini with the locals.

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The outreach from anglers has been immensely supportive so time will only tell how much growth will be seen in the Bluefin population from here on out.

Below is the Bluefin on the Line film trailer and the actual movie can be purchased here.

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