Winter Vision Care In 3 Easy Steps

Eye problems occur all year round, but there are cases when the cold wind of winter can lead to more issues that require urgent vision care. Some of the most common issues people experience are dry eyes, too much sunlight, and irritation or infection due to dirt. Here are some ways to prevent these issues from developing at the onset:vision care
  1. Keep you eyes moist. Chronic dry eyes can be itchy and irritating, but this can only get worse during winter as many areas around the house are void of humidity. The best vision care tip is to stay as far away from the fireplace as possible to prevent your eyes from drying out or use a humidifier that will help your eyes develop tears (good ones!).
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  1. Use tinted
  1. Hands off! Tempted to rub your eyes each time they itch? Don't! Your hands are the breeding ground of bacteria and viruses, so touch your face only when they are clean. The eyes are completely hands off though as dirt may lurk on your hands and cause serious eye problems such as conjunctivitis. Go for an eye exam right away if your eyes feel itchy and irritated.
Vision care is important if you want to protect your eyes from irritation and harm. This is especially common during the cold months. Follow these simple tips for a hassle-free winter and buy quality eyewear at Heavyglare .