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Wiley X: Military and Casual Eyewear

The Wiley X has been providing quality protective gears and eyewear for the U.S. Military and other law enforcement agencies since 1987. From the FBI, Navy Seal to the Army Rangers, this brand has been the leading choice for protective gears and eyewear. This brand promises to deliver whatever it takes to make sure that their wearers get to have what they need with the help of their state of the art ballistics technology. Wiley X prescription sunglasses are made to perform and last in the most demanding circumstances and conditions.Though this brand started as a standard issue for law enforcement agencies, they have quickly expanded their product offerings to the civilian market by producing durable sports and outdoor equipment such as helmets, gloves and a lot more. This brand offers a wide array of sunglasses for different outdoor uses. From fishing, hunting to motorcycle riding, Wiley X has used their unparalleled technology to provide the civilian mass what they deserve. This brand does not only guarantee durability and protection, they also make sure to be at par with an evolving trend of today's generation.

Wiley X Sets the Trends

Wiley X comes in different trendy styles fit for everyone's need. If you need one for snowboarding, you can get a Wiley X sunglass with a Crimson Mirror Grey lens which is best for very bright conditions and surroundings. This is just one example of how diverse the products of Wiley X are. Because of their dedication to providing everyone the best possible experience when it comes to protective eyewear, this brand has been named as the official sunglass provider the Roush Fenway Racing Team.Under the license, this brand also engineers 100% ANSI (American National Standards Institute) rated safety eyewear for some of the most well-established brands such as 5.11 Tactical, Remington, John Deere and Harley Davidson. Wiley X is also the sole premium sunglass company in the globe that surpasses the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards.Also Read: Tifosi Optics: Sports Eyewear The ballistic technologies that this brand uses on their eyewear are not a secret. The lenses are crafted in Selenite™, this is their shatterproof patented polycarbonate material that is ten times more impact resistant than regular glasses. Another unique feature that this brand offers to their users is the Filter 8™ Polarized lenses, this combines 8 unique polarized lenses that help reduce diminishing vision at very critical moments. This technology helps in eliminate blinding glares and gives maximum clarity to its users. The Filter 8™ includes a hydrophobic coating that helps repel water and keeps the lenses from smudging. Overall, this brand does get the work done. With over 25 years of never-ending research and development, Wiley X never fails to deliver their promise of giving their patrons the protection that they deserve. Check out for the latest Wiley X products.
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