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Tifosi Optics: Sports Eyewear

Tifosi Optics produces some of the world's most value oriented and technologically advanced eyewear that is suitable for everyone. Whether for sports or casual usage, Tifosi promises to give everyone the best eyewear that can withstand any situation.Founded by husband and wife, Joe and Elizabeth Earley in 2003, the duo believed that high quality eyewear does not need to be expensive. After more than a decade and countless pairs of eyewear sold in the market, Tifosi has still honored their commitment in making quality eyewear at an affordable price. Presently, Tifosi is currently sold in more than 5,000 retailers in more than 30 countries around the world.

Tifosi Optics is A Leader In Sports Eyewear

Since Tifosi has been founded, Tifosi Sunglasses has grown to become one of the most sought after brand of athletes from different sports. From golf, outdoor, running and cycling, renowned athletes such as Charles Perreault and Jeff Huxhold have trusted Tifosi Optics in their quest to become the best in what they do.The technology that Tifosi uses on their lenses can be broken down into 6 amazing features which all help in enhancing their users' performance. The Tifosi lenses come in a UVA/UVB layer which gives 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB light rays. Tifosi Optics knows what their patrons need, and that is why they made sure to use shatterproof, scratchproof polycarbonate material that helps with the durability of the lenses.In addition to their scratch and shatterproof lenses, Tifosi Optics has also included vented lens into their technology. The vented and optically decentered lens helps in increasing the airflow which prevents the fogging in the lense which not only helps the user stay cool but also prevents vision quality. In the other hand, since the lenses are optically decentered, it helps in eliminating the distortion that can prevent in magnifying distractions. Lastly, to help with the reduction of eye strain and fatigue, as well as, unnecessary glare, Tifosi has added their proprietary Glare Guard lens coating.

Comfort and Style

On top of great features that the lenses of Tifosi Optics offer, they have also not forgotten giving comfort and style to their frames on prescription sunglasses . The Tifosi frame technology features adjustable nose pads, adjustable ear pads, hydraulic rubber, and a Grilamid TR-90 frame that makes it light and ultra durable at the same time. Finally the best part of this product is that it includes a lifetime warranty for any manufacturer's defects.Also Read: Kaenon Eyewear Review Tifosi is not just your ordinary eyewear company, they are more. From the italian word Tifosi, it means an enthusiast or a super-fan, Tifosi definitely knows what their customers want. Whether for performance or aesthetics, from sports use to casual use, Tifosi Optics adjusts to whatever their patrons need and makes sure that they meet the most crucial demands. For some of the latest Tifosi products, visit
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