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VonZipper Launches F.C.G. Collection

An eyewear collection from Von Zipper with a revolutionary purpose... The prime intention of the Freethinkers Conspiracy Guild (F.C.G.) is that "all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them." The guild has admiration for people who question typical ways of living and who strive to seek the more extraordinary forms of fulfillment in their lives. Freethinkers' outlooks are shaped on the foundation of understanding and the rebellion of tradition.The F.C.G. is a trial to the direction of where eyewear is going in the world. Affects of power, conformity or ordinary wisdom of popular culture does not restrict the collection. The prescription sunglasses frames are styled with independent, contemporary influences with forward thinking.

Also Read: TIFOSI and Team SmartPro Conquer USA Pro Road Race National Championship The society whose affiliates are known as people of quality, the F.C.G. is made up of artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, activists and actors. All of the members come together to pull the culture in the world back to it's roots of being one-of-a-kind."Doubt everything... find your own light."We are excited to share this collection with you, as we specialize in prescription sunglasses for those who cannot just pick up a pair of sunglasses in the store and walk around freely with sight. The Commonwealth sunglasses The Kingbee sunglasses The Libertine sunglasses The Mayfield sunglasses

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