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Ride the Rockies Tour with Boll

Teams and individual cyclists join the Ride the Rockies Tour during a week in June every year in the Rockies of Colorado. Rifling through the treacherous, mountain passes while opening their eyes to the breathtaking, bewitching surroundings, it's no wonder why so many show up to attend this race every year using prescription sunglasses . The tour takes around 2,000 cyclists (including over 100 volunteers) trekking through the rough road routes up Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Each day, the trek can be as short as 40 miles to as far as 100 miles. Host communities around the area come together to provide alternative lodging, local community meals and some relaxing entertainment for the groups at night.

bolle's ride the rockies

With Boll offering an extensive line of eyewear to add onto your bike trip, you can be assured that no one had any problems seeing the little details of even pebbles on the road while biking on the tour. We have the wide-range line up of Bolle's sunglasses right here online for you to peek at and relish in.

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All proceeds of the tour are for the benefit of the Colorado non-profit organizations. Each town's tourism and public exposure grow immensely along with economic add-ons and fundraising opportunities given by the Denver Post Community Foundation. Since Ride the Rockies is a non-competitive event, open to cyclists of all ages, participants are encouraged to ride at their own pace, no matter how fast or slow. The point of the event is not to race, but to experience and enjoy the nature and enviornment around you.

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