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Kaenon Eyewear Review

Kaenon Eyewear is a brand that offers luxury performance-grade eyewear. The company is based in Newport Beach California and was founded by brothers, Steve and Darren Rosenberg who are both elite sailors. Since they were not satisfied with the sunglasses that they are using, the brothers decided to create their own brand. Since 2001, Steve and Darren have promised to deliver quality and nothing less on all of their designs.

The Polarized SR-91 Lens By Kaenon Eyewear

Kaenon Polarized is a privately held company that features their proprietary polarized SR-91 lens. They have their polarized SR-91 lens covered with frames originally designed in California. All of their sunglasses are built not only for performance and comfort but for style as well. In addition, in order for Kaenon to raise the bar with their quality designs, they have also incorporated unique hand-painted treatments and colorways from Italian craftsmen. Since Kaenon Eyewear Polarized started, Steve and Darren Rosenberg have set their values to not ever compromise anything that would stop them from giving everyone what they deserve. When it comes to quality, Kaenon uses the best possible technology for all its products. From the lenses to frames all the way down to the print.

Unmatched Quality

Kaenon understands that we also need sunglasses that could last under any circumstances. There are a lot of athletes that require eyewear that would stand the hardest fall, whether bicycling, skiing, snowboarding or simply jogging. That is why Kaenon Polarized uses both metal alloy and TR-90 frames manufactured exclusively in Italy. In addition, the standard SR-91 lenses on Kaenon Sunglasses is composed of 7 layers including the Hydrophobic Coating which helps in reflecting water or snow that distorts your vision. Finally, another important layer found in the Kaenon SR-91 that allows the wearer unprecedented vision clarity is the propriety Glare 86 Polarizing Element. The sunglass line of Kaenon features three different categories namely the Luxury Performance, Kore Performance, and Lifestyle performance. The Luxury Performance collection sunglasses all comes in a unique Kaenon case that showcases the Kaenon's logo. Kaenon Luxury Performances sunglasses are not only durable but fashionable as well. In the other hand, Kore Performance focuses more on performance and versatility when it comes to sports activities. It has been designed in a modern yet ergonomic way that would suit any athlete's needs.Also Read: Vogue Eyewear Light And Shine One thing is clear no matter what your activity is whether outdoor, extreme sports, or just regular activities, Kaenon stands on its promise of delivering innovative eyewear that never compromises on style, performance, and durability. With the wide array of eyewear that they have to offer, there is always something for you that would help you view the world from a better perspective. For some of the best Kaenon Eyewear, visit Heavyglare Eyewear .

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