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Randolph Engineering For Shooting Protection

Randolph Engineering was born out of an American Dream, founded by two Polish immigrants, Stanley Zelski and Jan Waszkiewicz. Determined to succeed, the duo went out and started their business in 1972 in Randolph, Missouri. Through their hard work and determination, they have climbed their way up to becoming the leading optical die and tool company in the world.Randolph Engineering Creating Military Grade Eyewear [caption id="attachment_3706" align="aligncenter" skip="630"] Randolph Engineering Ranger XLW shooting glasses[/caption]Randolph Engineering is rich in military heritage and has kept a military grade standard when it comes to their eyewear. They have sworn to engineer and design quality eyewear that will not only serve as a tool to block glare but overall safety as well.Because of their dedication to quality, durability, and safety, RE became a subcontractor for the United States Air Force in which they manufactured military grade Aviator sunglasses.With today's demands, Randolph Engineering has opened its doors to providing military grade shooting prescription sunglasses to the civilian market. RE understands how important it is to protect your eyes not only from the harms that UV produces but also from incoming projectiles that can mean serious harm. This is the reason why Randolph Engineering developed their Randolph Engineering Ranger Series.

The Ranger Series

The RE Ranger Series are widely considered the new breed of shooting sunglasses. Whether for hunting, fishing, or any shooting discipline, the RE Ranger Series will not only keep your eyes from harm but they will actually improve your performance. The Ranger Series are crafted to be distortion free, using optical grade polycarbonate that will not only give you unmatched protection but also enhanced vision.Here are some of the variants of the RE Ranger Series:
  • The New Ranger Falcon Sport This shooting sunglass is the latest offering from Randolph Engineering. It sports a unique aerodynamic lens that covers a large overall surface on your face which helps provide a larger field of view.
  • The Ranger Classic Providing maximum durability and comfort, the Ranger Classic is the first and shooting sunglasses that were made by Randolph Engineering. With its unique alloy frame, the Ranger Classic is lightweight and durable.
  • Ranger Sporter Designed to fit over most prescription eyeglasses, the Ranger Sporter offers a comes in a full frame with clip-ons that you can opt to have. The Ranger Sporter is a practical frame that suits best for shooting and other outdoor activities.

Randolph Engineering has truly lived up to its core values by providing designing, engineering and the highest quality eyewear that everybody deserves.

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