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Oakley Sports Eyewear Review

Finding a good pair of eyewear for your chosen outdoor sports can be a daunting task. In this day and age, when there is a hugely competitive market of sports eyewear, it will take you weeks before you get a perfect choice. One of the most important aspects of choosing eyewear is finding a brand that you can trust. Oakley Sports Eyewear is one of the most successful names in the industry for a long time because it has created a huge following.  Introducing Oakley  Sports Eyewear Oakley Sports Eyewear is a company that develops, designs, and manufacture lifestyle pieces. It also creates sports performance gears such as sports visors, sunglasses, optical frames, shoes, backpacks, apparel, watches, and other accessories. Most of Oakley's sunglasses, clothing, and sports apparel are designed in their headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California, however, there are some countries that hold exclusive designs that are relevant to their market. As of this day, Oakley Sports Eyewear has more than 600 patents for its performance gears, eyewear, and materials. It is one of the most trusted names in the sportswear market today. Oakley offers unmatched technology with a wide array of features that defines perfection and functionality for sports enthusiasts. The technological designs, gears, and fashion pieces of Oakley were developed with the help of extensive inputs and field tests from athletes including tests under extreme conditions. The Oakley Sports Eyewear Standard To help you understand how Oakley Sports Eyewear provides optimum performance, here's a breakdown of their unmatched technology.Also Read:  Randolph Engineering For Shooting Protection

  • Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO)  Oakley's HDO lenses helps optimize performance and safety by providing the sharpest, most accurate, and clearest vision that all professional athletes require. With the help of HDO, Oakley has exceeded the testing standards of the ANSI or American National Standards.
  • HD Polarized Lenses These lenses do not only provide glare protection but also it offers uncompromised clarity. Oakley developed their lenses to help reduce performance-killing glare from flat areas, bunkers, and water hazards that can lead to distraction. Oakley developed the HD Polarized Lenses with having elite athletes as their inspiration; nonetheless, their technology is there to serve everyone.
  • Impact Protection The technology that protects Oakley lenses provides uncompromising durability and protection. They are tested under intense conditions to make sure that it lasts against high velocity and high mass impacts. This technology is achieved with the help of Plutonite, Oakley an optically pure and durable lens material.
  • Switchlock Oakley's Switchlock technology lets you adapt to changing light around you by just flipping a switch. It provides a hassle-free convenience that allows you to change your lenses quickly and easily whenever you need to.
  • UV Protection Oakley understands that there are invisible elements that can hurt your eyes, or in worst cases, lead to blindness. With the help of Oakley's Plutonite material, it blocks the entire wavelength of ultraviolet radiation coming from the thermonuclear furnace of the sun.

These state-of-the-art technologies are available both for Oakley sunglasses and their prescription eyewear. This goes to show why Oakley has always been successful in the market, the designers and engineers behind its product is dedicated to providing you with the greatest eyewear available.

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