Kaenon's Greatest Fishing Weapon

Someone may tell you that a specific lens is perfect for this sport or excellent for that activity, but it's really also about personal preference, along with varied environments. Those are the three most important factors in selecting a new lens. For fishing, or mainly being in bright light conditions on the water, Kaenon prescription sunglasses suggests going with their Grey 12, Brown 12 or Copper c12 lens tints. They are their darkest lens tints and block 88% of all light that pass through to your eyes.

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The Copper tint is specifically designed to enhance the color contrast and define the details you are looking at, where the Grey tint is more neutral and does not alter any colors. With any lens that you choose, you will have Kaenon's polarized SR-91 lenses to block any glare, see into the water and look at exactly what is about to bite your line!

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