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7eye by Panoptx Review

<p>7<strong>eye</strong> by<strong>Panoptx</strong> is high-performing eyewear developed for those passionate about outdoor activities like <a href="/activities/motorcycle-sunglasses/">motorcycles,</a> <a href="/accessories/prescription-goggle-adapter">skiing</a> , <a href="/activities/water-sports-sunglasses/">fishing</a> , and <a href="/accessories/prescription-goggle-adapter">snowboarding</a> . While this brand is new in the market, there is no doubt that it is becoming one of the favourite<strong>good eyewear</strong> choices for many athletes around the world.</p><img width="80%" height="auto" src="" alt="7eye by Panoptx" skip="300" class="173"></p><h2>About 7eye</h2><p>The<strong>superior quality eyewear</strong> developed by<strong>Panoptx dealers</strong> is called 7eye because it is made to deliver 7 colors of the visible spectrum to the eye. This provides unsurpassed vision clarity, even when you are doing high-speed sports<strong>prescription sunglass</strong> . 7eye by Panoptx is dedicated to providing superior eye care solutions, as well as, cutting edge designs and technology in all of its<strong>eyewear</strong> products. 7eye by Panoptx is a brand founded in 1999 by Dr. Rudolph Kopfer, the pioneer expert in sealing eyewear. Dr. Kopfer is a maxillofacial surgeon, someone who is an expert in bones and muscles located in the face. The concept of developing a good eyewear started when he was planning to have a ski trip but couldn t find a good pair to use. In 2008, the name was changed to 7eye by<strong>Panoptx dry eye glasses</strong> to emphasized the technologically advanced lenses which are very effective in managing the 7 colors of the light spectrum. Today, while still a relatively new brand in the industry 7eye by Panoptx continues to bring some great<strong>airsheld glasses</strong> and <a href="/blog/high-performance-sport-sunglasses-guide/">prescription sunglasses</a> for different outdoor activities. Working with real athletes including snowboarders, skiers, and motorcycle riders, the company aims to create<strong>superior eye care</strong> that will function optimally whatever your choice of outdoor activity is.</p><h2>Superior Quality Features</h2><p>7eye Offers 2 exclusive features for their<strong>eyewear products</strong> which are both helpful to let you excel in your performance.</p><ul><li><h3>Airdam</h3>Airdam is an exclusive technology from 7eye by Panoptx . It provides an extra layer of protection for eyes especially when you are doing high speed sports. Airdam protects your eyes from wind damage (<strong>dry eye prescription sunglasses</strong> ), as well as, peripheral glare which ordinary sunglasses are unable to provide.</li><li><h3>Airshield</h3>The Airshield is another great feature that only 7eye by Panoptx offers. It includes a seal protection factor of 100, which is made to provide maximum protection. Using the patented Orbital Seal technology, Airshield effectively uses filtered vents to manage the airflow in front of your eyes. The result is a comfortable environment for your eyes. 7eye Airshield is made to be non-air-permeable, easily blocks winds, glares, and numerous airborne irritants that may interfere with your vision. Airshield technology is a fast drying overcoat that absorbs and quickly takes away moisture.</li></ul><p>When it comes to superior quality eyewear, it is good to know that there are plenty of young and upcoming companies that are giving bigger competitors a run for their money. 7eye from<strong>Panoptx</strong> continues to bring forward great models to choose</p>
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