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Revision Sawfly Eyewear Essential Kit

Revision Sawfly Eyewear Essential Kit

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Revision's classic protective eyewear: Sawfly's ballistic performance, customizability, fit, and function have been proven time and again in operations all over the world

Kit Includes

  • Frame with adjustable arms
  • Clear Lens with Clear Nosepiece
  • Smoke Lens with Black Nosepiece
  • Microfiber Pouch
  • Case with Belt Clip
  • Reusable Anti-fog Cloth


  • ✔ Sawfly interchangeable lenses
  • ✘ StingerHawk interchangeable lenses
  • ✔ Rx Carrier


  • Size Small: Width: 144 mm; Height: 53 mm; Length: 165 mm
  • Size Regular: Width: 144 mm; Height: 52 mm; Length: 165 mm
  • Size Large: Width: 157 mm; Height: 58 mm; Length: 180 mm