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RE Ranger Phoenix Shooting Sunglasses

RE Ranger Phoenix Shooting Sunglasses

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  • Copper Desert Polarized, Hawk Polarized, Clearvue
  • Eagle 1 Polarized
  • Carbon Polarized
  • Rose Sands
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Phoenix sport sunglasses come either as a single lens or with an interchangeable 3-lens kit for you to take in all environments. Whether on a hunt waiting for the flush, spending a day on the water or out for a hike on your favorite trail our polarized lenses will help you find your moment.

Package includes the RANGER PHOENIX, a microfiber pouch, and a semi-rigid nylon carrying case.


  • 3-lens kit contains: Eagle I (polarized), Condor (polarized), and Clearvue lens.
  • Eagle I: Grey Polarized with Blue Flash Mirror, Hydrocoat BLUZ AR - Absolute UV protection, providing mid range protection while keeping colors and surroundings natural throughout all terrains.
  • Condor: Brown Polarized with Hydrocoat & Bluz AR - Designed for low light, cloudy days, and dawn/dusk conditions. Brown enhances contrast in greens, reds and yellows. Great for situations with abundant scenery.
  • Clearvue: Clear with Hydrocoat Green AR - A clear lens that allows in maximum light for clear sharp vision.