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  • Barracuda B300 | Anti Fog Swimming Goggles in Blue color
  • Barracuda B300 | Anti Fog Swimming Goggles in Clear color
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Barracuda B300 Swimming Goggles

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The Barracuda B300 is a pair of foam seal anti-fog swim goggles with a trendy, streamlined design and flat, fog-resistant coated lenses to keep your vision clear. They are designed for fitness swimmers and feature a "positive pressure" seal rather than suction.

The B300 frame boasts BARRACUDA's patented, positive pressure construction, which matches the face's bone structure. In addition, the soft, conforming foam cells close down to completely seal the water out without painful suction. Large lenses provide a huge visual field. The foam shown on these goggles is white, but our shipments from Barracuda change between white and black depending on availability. Lenses are not anti-fog; however, you can purchase a bottle of anti-fog drops from Barracuda here in our store. Note: Goggles have white or gray foam, depending on what is available during manufacturing.

When trying a barracuda goggle for the first time, one must understand these are pressure goggles versus a suction goggles.

  • The goggle strap should be worn at 45 degrees above the ball of the back of the head.  This tilts the goggle in and up in the eye socket.
  • The strap should be split over the back ball of the head.
  • The straps should be very, very tight.
  • The nose pieces can be adjusted according to need.
  • The goggle is memory foam, so it sometimes takes a lot of wear to fit your eyes.
  • If all these things do not work, then it is possible you need a different shape.