Collection: Oakley

For almost forty years has been producing quality and technologically advanced eyewear developed through constant innovation and extensive revolutionized improvements based on input from extreme sports athletes and individuals who love the challenges of every active sports. Combining the unique Oakley XYZ Optics ® into the Oakley HDO ® Technology provide Oakley users with a prescription optic high definition lens function. See images and objects in high definition clarity and detailed color perception. Ordinary prescription optic lenses only magnify what you see to make it look clear. The Oakley HDO® Technology Lens let you see real images and objects in its vividly clear and hue definition. No magnification and distortion, just correct and precise imagery on its real animation and colors. Clear, vivid, precise. Just like you are painting the images and objects clearly on a canvass in their true original state. The Oakley HDO® Technology surpassed the ordinary standard defined by ANSI Z87.1. The high definition optic lens of the Oakley Eyeglass lens has been tested and maintained its excellent clarity under all-weather and light condition. Visual clarity was never just magnified nor distorted in achieving the most precise detail of every object seen over the lens. See real images and objects as they should. The Oakley HD Polarized Lens defy heavy glare penetration achieving that superior clear visibility. One need not squint on highly reflective surfaces. The Oakley's clear prescription eyewear protects your eyes from flooding and sharp light glare on highly reflective surfaces and objects. Squinting is never a thing when you wear the Oakley Eyeglasses. Wear your Oakley Eyeglasses anytime and anywhere you want to go. Oakley Eyeglasses frames were enhanced by the Oakley's reinvented Unobtinium ® materials and molded them as frames that fit securely even under heavy sweating and perspiration. The Oakley's Plutonite ® Lens provides 100% protection from the effects of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC light rays. The Oakley Sub Zeros ® Lens weighs only 0.69 oz. making it feather light than any other eyewear lens available in the market today. The Oakley Iridium ® Lens coatings offers exceptional vision clarity optimizing visual vantage on bright lights. These technologies Oakley has initiated and produced has been tried and replicated by competitors but no other eyewear comes even close.

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