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Wiley X answers the call for patients with a high RX

Per Wiley X: Rx Rim Brings Wiley X's ANSI-Safety Rated Vision Protection to Broad New Audience Wiley X, Inc. has launched its innovative Rx Rim System for 2013, expanding prescription lens ranges for its popular Climate Control™ WX Echo and WX Gravity sunglass models and bringing Wiley X's battlefield-proven, ANSI-safety rated vision protection to a broad new audience. The key behind this new system is a specially designed rim that securely holds prescription lenses into Wiley X's lightweight, yet nearly indestructible WX Echo and WX Gravity frames. This allows these popular Wiley X wrap sunglasses to be fitted with prescription lenses ranging from +5.00 to -7.00 and beyond. This significantly expands the market for corrective lens wearers and brings Wiley X protection and style to a greater number of consumers with active lifestyles and those coveting a premium pair of wrap safety eyewear.Also, Read:  Oakley's High Definition Optics (HDO) soar high into the sky  WX Echo and WX Gravity models fitted with new Rx Rim System still meet stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety Standards, ensuring state-of-the-art vision protection against a wide range of hazards encountered on the job, on the road or in the Great Outdoors. Wiley X is the only premium performance sunglass manufacturer with this level of protection in every pair of glasses it makes. The innovative Rx Rim System seamlessly integrates prescription lenses into both the WX Echo and WX Gravity frames, maintaining their superior eye coverage, strength, and stylish good looks. Both of these Climate Control™ models feature Wiley X's patented, removable soft foam Facial Cavity™ Seal that blocks out wind dust and debris to create a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for the eyes. This exclusive design also helps reduce both eyestrain and the effects of Dry Eye Syndrome.

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