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Today is National Sunglasses Day and we want to hear from YOU!!

Today may be National Sunglasses Day but we are going to make it National prescription Sunglasses WEEK! So, from today until Friday July 6th we are going to pass the sweet savings onto you.Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and our ancestors were inventing the wheel and experimenting with fire the first pair of sunglasses was created. Made of a proprietary blend of walrus ivory and string, these glasses were pretty stylin' to keep glare away from the snow and sun.Over time, sunglasses have progressed into what they are today and in the 1930's Ray-Ban released their first Aviator style sunglasses. Celebrities of all ages have been wearing these glasses for decades. More knowingly is Tom Cruise in Top Gun.Also Read: The Countdown has started!!! To commemorate this day (or week in our case), we are going run a special promotion.
  • Post a picture or video on our facebook page of you wearing your favorite sunglasses and you will get 10% off your next order
  • Write a short essay of what you like best about the glasses you bought from us (300 words or more) and you will get 20% off your next order
  • Next Friday, we will be choosing two overall winners (1 for photo/video and 1 for article) and they will get 50% off their next order
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