The heat is on..Are you ready?

It's that time of year again! The sounds of jet skis and boats on the water. The smell of a freshly cooked burger on the grill. The applying layers of sunblock to protect our skin. Yep, summer is definitely on its way using prescription sunglasses (its going to be 90 here tomorrow).With people looking to buy the latest and greatest in sunglasses , do we really take time to think of the little ones? The suns harmful rays can't just be a problem for our epidermal layer (skin) but also our eyes. Eye protection in the summer is critical. Children are especially vulnerable to the harmful damaging rays since their eyes are still maturing. Julbo makes a line of glasses especially made for children from birth on up. The looping models are especially made for children up to the age of 4. The Solan will have your kids covered from 4-6 years of age and the Rookie will take them from up to 12 years.So, next time your shopping for sunglasses think of the kids too. You will be benefiting them in the long run.Also Read: Oakley gives back!
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