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Oakley gives back!

The Oakley Fast Jacket and the Oakley Holbrook have been endorsed by two of today's most sought after young athletes Shaun White and Rory McIlroy not only rule skateboarding and playing golf. They also show support by giving back to the community. St. Jude children's hospital is reaching a 50 year milestone this year and Shaun and Rory were there for the ceremony. During the filming of the PSA, which will air in early June on CBS and the Golf channel they met a bright 7 year old named Dawson. They spent time with Dawson signing autographs and posing for as many pictures wearing prescription sunglasses as he wanted."To see someone go through what he's going through and to have all this positivity coming out of him, it just makes you realize how lucky and how fortunate we are. Rory McIlroyAlso Read: Dust and debris will no longer be a problem with these....
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