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Rudy Project Eyewear: When Sports and Eyewear Collide

When you are looking for an eyewear that will fit any kind of active sports, the Rudy line is something that you should consider. There is a reason why this relatively young sports gear company is making a wave in the industry. More and more people are finding the perfect match for the sports that they love and the precision that Rudy Project eyewear brings.

Rudy's Project And His Love For Sports

The company is founded by creative genius and sports lover Rudy Barbazza in Treviso in 1985. His first ever project was aimed at developing items which can help in the improvement of athlete performance around the world. As the company grew, they are able to create some of the most memorable sports eyewear in history. Since its inception, Rudy Project has been the leader in sports and eyewear industry in Europe for more than 30 years.

Rudy Project Eyewear Is The Best Choice for Sports Lovers

The company has devoted much of its time investing and innovating different materials and technologies for frames and lenses. The brand's passions for style, dedication to progress, and extreme attention to quality have created a line of technologically-advanced sports eyewear. Products from Rudy Project are proud to be Technically Cool which is the aspiration for every item that the company creates.

Also Read: Top 10 Eyewear Trends In 2016 Rudy Projects have items that work for almost any kind of outdoor sports that you can imagine. Each item is scientifically researched to make sure that it does not interfere with the movements, as well as, enhance the experience. For example, prescription sunglasses made for triathlon competition are super lightweight, provides optimum vision, lenses are mist-proof, lenses are effective in protecting the eyes from dust and debris, and created to achieve maximum air dynamics.The company has every kind of eyewear for almost any kind of outdoor activities such as road cycling, running, golf, skiing, water sports, tennis, mountain biking, triathlon, motorsports, winter sports, shooting, driving, fishing and beach volleyball. Each product is created so that it meets the specific need of the sports or outdoor activity. In addition, every eyewear is created to have the Safety Project System, a unique mechanism of Rudy Project eyewear to protect your eyes in case of falls or knock offs. The eyewear brand also utilizes a patented technology known as the ImpactX™ which is effective in making your lenses strong enough to protect your eyes from a wind gust, debris, shocks, and are guaranteed unbreakable for life.To get the latest items from Rudy Project from the authority in eyewear solutions,

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