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Oakley's Currency frame is worth the money! You can take that to the bank...

Oakley reinvents technology with a breakthrough in eyeglasses. Introducing the Currency. The First frame to be made of lightweight C-5™ alloy. The front is made by the trademark O-matter. Melded together with Twinshock ultra wearable hinges.

Not too often does a frame come out that makes me say instantly to myself: "I have to have that!" A few months ago, I was taken aback by the beauty of the Currency frame by Oakley . The solid construction of the frame and the matching ear socks (rubber temple tips) I knew it was mine. I immediately tried it on and put it through the 'test.' I wore them for a 4 mile run, biked in them, sat and worked with them on my face for hours, and the ultimate test of asking friends: " How do these look on me?" The Currency passed all with flying colors. The ear shocks kept them on my face throughout the movements of running and biking. The lightweight material of the frame didn't weigh on my nose at all. Everyone asked said they looked great and wanted to try them on for themselves.If you are looking for durable, sporty and sophisticated eyewear .. the Currency has it all.Also Read: Brand New.. Oakley Radarlock Interchangeable lens system Per Oakley. . Here are the benefits of Oakley's Currency frame :Durability. The peerless architecture is sturdier than conventional hinges because no springs are used. Instead, the mechanism is a solid component that takes advantage of a durable yet lightweight alloy of titanium, a premium metal that resists corrosion.Flexibility. Oakley formulated the alloy to be flexible. When you push an ordinary frame stem even a subtle distance beyond its normal open position, you risk breaking the hinge. With Oakley's new design, the stem simply springs back to where it should be.Comfort and fit. There is no inward pressure when the frame stems are in their normal open position. Subtle flexibility of the entire frame accommodates a wide range of head sizes .Distinctiveness. This is a recognizable design feature of prescription sunglasses , unique in its architecture and distinguishing in its simple beauty.Currently available in: Flint, Navy Blue, Polished Black , and Satin Black
  • Eye (A): 54
  • Bridge: 17
  • ED: 57.3
  • B: 34
  • Temple: 133
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