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Looking for rare glasses you can't find at your average retailer?

The Crosstown Collection from Spy is available only to a few select dealersAlso Read: What is perry Check out the new: Haight, Beachwood, Yonkers, Burnside, Mercer, Fremont, and Midtown. They are all rxable too !!Also Read: Who won the most crosstown classics Per Spy: Journey up miles of pristine coastal highways cooled by salt air. Fade into dark, bright lights cutting through white noise, asphalt andconcrete coming to life. Bask in the company of those who have been through it all with you, not seeing what is was then but knowing what it is now. It's these moments in time crystallized in iconic memories that inspire our Crosstown Collection . A beautifully crafted, limited offering born from our Golden State roots and a genuine fondness for the City inspired by our collective passions for quality design, music, art and getting busy outdoors. This premium collection was intuitively designed to combine fashion and function to help keep your style on point no matter the setting or situation you get yourself into. Exclusive to select core shops and boutiques worldwide, the Crosstown Collection is worth the journey. Prescription Sunglasses are only available for a limited amount of time, so get them while they are available.Also Read: What is an optical
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