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Nike Max Transition Lenses

Back in 2012, Nike Vision teamed up with Transitions Optical to create sunglasses that were specifically designed to improve performance in sports such as trail running, golf, and hiking. The new transition sunglasses were integral in climbing the ladder of technology in the eyewear industry, and to this day, are a major successor.

Nike Speed Tint

The lenses respond to changing light conditions and give athletes that extra bit of equipment to help them perform better. Steve Tripi, global marketing manager for Nike Vision, announced, With Transitions Optical's advanced photochromic lens technology and Nike Visions patented Nike MAX Optics, patented engineered tints such as Max Golf Tint ퟀand Max Outdoor Tint these are the new must-haves for anyone wanting to see sport better, without having to think about it.

Nike outdoor tint

Contradictory to many beliefs, color is one of the most crucial pieces that help with the overall function of a lens. Certain colors enhance vision better than others in specific lighting situations. Nike MAX Transitions sunglasses have two featured patented tints, designed specifically to boost visual details of the natural environment around you.

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Nike MAX Transitions / Golf Tint  is a violet-colored design that improves contour acknowledgment on the green and increases the drop of the ball.

Nike MAX Transitions / Outdoor Tint  is a green color that brightens the shadows heighten contrast and improves the visual range in natural environments such as hiking and trails. This lens adapts extremely well to all light conditions.

Nike MAX Transitions/Speed Tint - was made specifically for runners that face direct sunlight and deal with the harsh reflection off of the pavement as they run. This lens relaxes your eyes and your body to enhance your run.

nike golf tint

All of the Nike Transitions lenses are made up of polycarbonate material, and like all Nike and Transitions lenses, block 100% of the sun's UV rays.

See our line of Nike Vision eyewear and inquire about which lens tint you would like for your frames!

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