Look into the Future with Bionic Eye Implants

Retinitis pigmentosa is a degenerative eye condition that causes vision impairment as rod receptors in the retina degenerates. The onset of symptoms vary, but can be detected from infancy and late into adulthood. Some of the most common symptoms are seeing blinking lights, night vision, delayed adjustment of vision in light to dark conditions, tunnel vision, and blindness in severe case. People with retinitis pigmentosa or RT also have blurred vision and cannot distinguish one color from another. Amazingly, scientists have found a groundbreaking way to improve the vision of the people who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa with the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System Bionic Eye Implants.Also Read: Top 4 Features You Need In Your Triathlon Eyewear It might sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but the future is here and improving the eyesight of those who have this condition is now possible. According to Second Sight Medical Products, the manufacturer of the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System Bionic Eye Implants, this is intended to provide electrical stimulation of the retina to induce visual perception in blind individuals .This procedure is not as complicated as it sounds. Bionic Eye Implants starts with a tiny video camera installed in the patient's prescription sunglasses . It captures scenes and these are sent to a video processing unit worn by the patient. These are sent back to the glasses through a cable and are transmitted to an antenna in the retinal implant. These signals are transmitted to the electrode array, which then emit small pulses of electricity, stimulating the remaining healthy cells to transmit the information along the optic nerve to the brain. This creates a perception of visual patterns of light which the patient interprets with their retinal implant.Bionic Eye Implants deviceThis new technology is a boon to those suffering from retinitis pigmentosa. Talk to your doctor on how this can improve can improve your eyesight if you have this condition. [embed]https://vimeo.com/105888005[/embed]