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Kaenon Polarized is a total games changer with the release of Medal of Honor

Not only do some of today's pro athletes and america's cup sailing team members endorse Kaenon for the superior lens qualities. The Navy SEALs and Tier 1 Operators have worn Kaenon sunglasses as their preferred eye wear while operating in the field for years. With Hard Kore being the most popular prescription sunglasses frame, available in a wide variety of frame and lens colors its suitable for most face shapes.Its no surprise that when Medal of Honor Warfighter was released on October 23rd 2012, Kaenon was the outfitter for the games character models. Below, are just a few screen shots from the actual game (notice the Kaenon frames). What can I say... ALOT has changed since the days of Ms. Pac ManAlso Read: It's lunch time! Oakley's menu is now offering the Big Taco
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