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In the words of LMFAO.' We work out!'

This past weekend the Heavyglare race team took on the Warrior Dash in Afton, Minnesota. In 90+ degree heat, they battled through obstacle courses for almost 4 miles. (which included REAL fire ) The highlight of the race was by far the mud slide crawl to the finish line. Nothing like cooling off through a mud pit, am I right ?Not only is hydration important, so is proper eye protection. In these hot sunny months it is important to keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays using prescription sunglasses. What may seem as a short time out in the sun can leave damaging effects to your eyes. A condition known as photokeratitis, is pretty much like a sunburn to your eyes. What may appear to be a feeling of sand or grit in your eye may actually indeed be a sunburn. Studies show, that prolonged exposure without eye protection can also lead to cataracts.Also Read: ONLY 2 left!! Get them while you can
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