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Choose Safety, Wear Shooting Glasses

All sports carry an element of danger, especially shooting sports. With the right outfit, equipment, and mindset, you can eliminate dangers. One accessory that can make a huge impact on keeping yourself and others safe is protective eyewear such as shooting glasses.Shooting glasses are readily available at many optical stores, but the number of brands, add-ons and options can be confusing. When you are presented with so many choices you might not know where to start. So what should you look for in prescription shooting glasses?Also Read: TAG Heuer - Attainable Luxury
  1. Recoil Protection - One of the first things to consider is the firearm's recoil. Your shooting prescription sunglasses need to be able to protect your head or eyes from injury. Lighter firearms surprisingly have greater recoil than heavier guns and are the most likely to cause retinal damage. This is where a good pair of sunglasses comes in. Whether you're on the field or indoors, it's important to protect your eyes from injury with shooting glasses such as ones manufactured by Randolph Engineering .
  2. Polycarbonate Lenses - Look for durable sunglasses with engineered polycarbonate lenses that can handle blunt impact in cases of strong recoil.prescription shooting glasses
  3. Tinted lens - You can also choose a wide variety of tints on lenses depending on whether you're going to wear them for indoor or outdoor use. Note the following when choosing tints:Light yellow tint is perfect for seeing clearly during low light conditions such as evening with the lights on, sunset, and sunrise.Medium yellow and orange were designed for better vision when shooting moving orange clay targets. These tints are also perfect for hunting when the skies are overcast.Brown, light purple, dark purple, and vermilion shooting sunglasses work well when worn in open backgrounds. Dark purple and brown are also perfect for very bright conditions (clear sunny skies).Tinted shooting glasses can help make colors pop. The image on the left is shown through Vedalo's HD lens, the image on the right is shown how the naked eye sees it. The image on the left is shown through the Vedalo HD lens , while the image on the right is shown how the naked eye would see it, illustrating the impact that tinted lens can have.
  4. Anti-glare - The sun's harsh light can get in the way of your fun, so look for anti-glare properties when shopping for shooting sunglasses particularly if you're an avid game hunter.
  5. Frame style - Wraparound or semi-wraparound eyewear can be your eyes' best defense from dirt, dryness, and debris. You should also choose durable frames that do not slip off easily.
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