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Benefits of Progressive Vision Lens

In the United States, there are millions of people who are suffering from eye related diseases or problems. However, most of these people avoid getting the right treatment because of the fear of looking older than what your age actually is. Thankfully, you now have the option of using progressive vision lens eyewear, this includes a unique but very functional lenses.Take note, progressive lenses can either be clear or shade (for sunglasses) using progressive sunglasses is beneficial especially if you are into sports like golf, fishing, and shooting. Progressive sunglasses will provide you with the visual clearance that you need and protect your eyes from the sun.Also Read: Polarized Lens: It Is Useful? What is Progressive Lenses? Progressive vision lens provide a seamless progression in the strength of the lens for near, intermediate, and far range vision. Progressive vision removes the annoying line that you see in most bifocal or trifocal eyewear. This is the reason why progressive vision eyewear is also known as no-line bifocals . This does not only give you a more youthful look it is also effective in letting you see clearly, no matter what the distance of the object is. Provides Comfortable Vision Even At Different Distances Typically, bifocal eyewear provides two functions; it lets you see clearly across the room and lets you see up close images (usually for reading). However, any other objects in between these two fields of vision cannot be distinguished easily. Most of the time, you see people bobbing their heads up and down to see images in this field of vision better. Progressive vision lens removes this problem by mimicking the natural vision that you usually see before you develop vision problems like presbyopia. According to experts, progressive lenses are known as the true multifocal, because it allows you to see any object even at different distances.Avoid Image Jump The most common complaint by bifocals or trifocal wearers is the image jump . This happens when there is an abrupt change in lens power. In most bifocal or trifocal eyewear, this is every common because there is a line which separates the power of the lenses. The image discomfort that you may feel because of image jump can range from being annoying to creating mild nausea. Progressive eyewear provides a smooth and seamless transition between different lens powers. Meaning no matter what the distance of the object is, you can see clearly without adjusting your eyes from one part of the lens to the other.Makes You Look Younger One of the most common effects of aging is poorer eyesight. This is the reason why people aging 40 years old and over most likely require the use of prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses to see clearly. Progressive vision lens eyewear makes you look younger and fresh compared to the typical trifocal or bifocal lens.Progressive lenses are the best choice if you are planning to get an eyewear soon. Ask your optician to know which style is best for you. Check out for some of the best progressive eyewear design available.
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