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4 Best Lens Colors for Bright Days

4 Best Lens Colors for Bright Days

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Ever wonder if there are certain colored prescription sunglasses lenses that will actually help you see better on bright days? Well, there are — and Heavyglare is here to help guide you toward the perfect pair. Keep reading today’s post to learn more!



If you’re looking for a good lens for bright days but don’t want a crazy color, grey lenses will work wonderfully. In fact, grey lenses will be one of your best lens color choices while driving and doing many other outdoor activities. Keep in mind that getting darker tinted lenses won’t help you see on bright days, so keep the tint or recommended amount of light transmission around 18 to 43% of light.


G-15 Lens

Green is often considered an all-purpose sunglasses tint and a great alternative to grey lenses. Overall, the green color helps to dim glare while brightening shadows at the same time. Green sunglass lenses will also improve contrast in low light situations, making this color lens great for both brighter and darker days.


Sunglasses that are tinted brown or bronze are a great option for wearing on bright days. Oftentimes, skiers and snowboards wear goggles that are tinted this color, since many brown lenses are polarized, meaning they help reduce the glare caused by the sun and the snow.

Rose Copper

Wearing lenses that are tinted rose, copper, or amber will increase contrast outside. This makes sunglasses that are tinted this color a great option for being outside or driving on bright, sunny days. Ensuring that the lenses are also polarized will be a plus. Lenses this color look great when paired with rose gold or pink metal frames.

Find Your Perfect Pair At Heavyglare

At Heavyglare, we have a wide selection of sunglasses that are perfect for bright days. We offer an array of sunglasses lens colors and tints, including the ones listed above, from many top brands. Order your new favorite pair of high-quality tinted sunglasses today!

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