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When Do You Need an AR Coating on Sunglasses?

When Do You Need an AR Coating on Sunglasses?

Are sunglasses with an anti-reflective coating worth the investment?

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Sunglasses are meant to be worn outside when the sun is bright — but what happens more often than not is seeing unwanted reflections in your lenses. Luckily, coatings have been developed to prevent this. Anti-reflective coating, or AR coating, prevents light from bouncing off your lenses. In today’s post, we’ll detail when it makes sense to invest in sunglasses with an AR coating. Keep reading to learn more and order a pair of AR-coated sunglasses online at Heavyglare!

Pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses with an AR coating.  
Pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses with an AR coating.

Weird Reflections

Have you ever noticed your own reflection or something behind you reflecting in the lenses of your glasses? It can be quite distracting and it also means that your sunglasses don’t have a backside AR coating. If this happens to you and it bothers you, we would recommend getting an AR coating to solve this problem.

Smith brand sunglasses

Smith brand sunglasses with an anti-reflective coating

For Outside Work

If you tend to wear the same pair of sunglasses every day for your work, investing in an AR coating for your sunglasses will be worth every penny. For some, wearing a pair of sunglasses during work is crucial, helping protect their eyes from the sun and potentially from harm’s way, too. With an anti-reflective coating, you won’t have to worry about the confusing, distracting reflections on your lenses while you work. Additionally, AR coatings have been known to increase clarity while seeing out of sunglasses, giving you an added practicality bonus.

Pair of Randolph brand sunglasses featuring an anti-reflective coating.

No More Mirror

While many people like the look and a lot of sunglasses come in a mirrored style, most sunglasses are not meant to be super reflective surfaces. You may have noticed that when talking to someone while wearing sunglasses that they’re making a little too much eye contact — and that could be because they’re staring at their reflection in your sunglasses. If you cannot stand when this happens, investing in an AR coating for your sunglasses will get rid of this problem completely.

Ray-Ban sunglasses with a protective AR coating.

Extra Eye and Sunglasses Protection

Having an anti-reflective coating on your sunglasses will provide your eyes and your sunglasses with a little bit of extra protection. Essentially, the AR coating protects your lenses which in turn will help elongate their life. Additionally, just like having polarized sunglasses, having sunglasses with an AR coating will actually protect your eyes from UV light and blue light better than lenses without it. Invest in your eyes and your pair of sunglasses by adding an AR coating, too.

Shop AR Coated Sunglasses Online

At Heavyglare, we offer a wide variety of sunglasses featuring an AR coating. We can also apply an AR coating to the sunglasses or glasses of your choice! Shop from top brands including Ray-Ban, Wiley, Oakley, Persol, and so much more, all delivered right to your doorstep. Shop now!

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