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Oliver Kurtz Rips It and Rocks the Detroit XL

Oliver Kurtz is a distinct human being that doesn't settle on being average. A native of Vero Beach, FL he has a taste for fast cars, men's fashion, a range of music styles, and high quality goods, which sets him apart from your typical "surfer dude". Oliver is the rare professional surfer that actually prefers to not dress like a surfer when he is not out there ripping on the tides. He quite often looks to GQ for what to wear, how to wear it prescription sunglasses and when to wear it when heading out. His unique outlook and way of living life gives him a hardened spot in the future way of life in the athlete's circle. It's common people like Oliver that help give surfing a crisp and invigorating attraction to people in and out of the industry.Earlier in June, Oliver got to enjoy a bit of what California, the state where he resides in, has to offer by being featured in Surfing Magazine's Sincerely California photo series. There is no question with his style, surf mastery and positive attitude why he was chosen to be in the series.Also Read: Ride the Rockies Tour with Boll

Oliver Kurtz Surfing Magazine

 Oliver rocks Electric's tip off to the iconic design of the 60's,


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