Collection: Takumi

Takumi Eyeglasses was famous for its Japanese inspired graceful elegance craftsmanship combined with the expression of western enterprising spirit. Takumi Eyeglasses is the ultimate expression meant for individuals who constantly strive to stand from the rest. Takumi Eyeglasses are made with high quality and durable polycarbonate lenses that guarantee to last through time. Equipped with the TurboFlex® technology, Takumi Eyeglasses provide wearers with its 360° viewing features through the facilitation provided by its monelTMand hypoallergenic TrilastonTMmemory metal frame materials. TurboFlex® provides shock proof comfort even under heavy activities and extreme weather condition. The TrilastonTM feature guards the skin from allergic reactions and the eyewear from corrosion while maintaining its lasting dazzling luster finish. A versatile feature that delivers durable fitting comfort inspite the text of its ultimate flexibility. Takumi Eyeglasses are available in both rimless and semi-rimless model. In the package, Aspex include a magnetic polarized sun clip pair of lens equipped with the EasyClip® technology which uses the rare neodium earth magnets with ten times magnetic attraction than the standard iron magnets. A feature which guarantee the Takumi Eyeglasses will securely stay in place even through rigid stresses and impact.

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