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  • 7eye Zephyr Bone Sharpview Gray
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7eye Zephyr Bone Sharpview Gray

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Panoptx Zephyr Sunglasses are motorcycle glasses are a part of the 7Eye Ladies Line of Panoptx Speed SR75 Series. This model features the integral SPF75 AirDam which acts as a protective barrier not only against the UV rays of the sun but also with dust, debris, wind, pollen, and possibly all kinds of eye irritants. 7Eye AirDam series eyewear are high quality wrap-style sunglasses that features a built-in seal of closed-cell foam on the frames. Compared to the AirShield, this is shallower but can still provide the function that you need.
Since AirDam is shallower, you will also get a better peripheral vision, a good choice if you are into sports that requires wide visual range. Zephyr lenses are unbreakable with 100% UV protection and a Panoptx anti-fog coating. The best choice for an all-day adventure for motorcycle, mountain biking, ski, snowboard, or more.
Key Features:
  • Curvy ladies’ style
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Low profile, discreet foam seal
  • 2 frame colors - Sandalwood, Glossy Black
  • 3 lens options
  • Rx ready: -4.0 to +4.0
  • Includes an original case, cloth, and leash