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Heavyglare Universal Rx Adapter

Heavyglare Universal Rx Adapter

Our prescription goggle inserts can change the way you spend your time on the slopes or trails.

Enjoy your time outdoors, don't let your glasses limit you. Instead of monkeying around with your glasses and goggles, you can experience the freedom of an insert. Get a universal Rx goggle insert and forget about the annoyance of slipping, sliding, fogging glasses.

This insert works in most standard-sized Ski, Snow, and Moto goggles.
- Goggles not included -

Heavyglare Universal Goggle Adapter

Enjoy your time outside, whether it's snowboarding, skiing, motocross, dirt biking, fat biking and enjoy it all without the hassle of slipping and sliding glasses.

Our prescription goggle inserts are extremely lightweight. They are universal and fit into almost any standard-sized Ski, Snow, or Moto goggles. It comes with clear lenses so that you fit them into any goggle, no matter what color its lens is.

If you want your insert lens to be Single vision for ultimate focus on what is a head of you or Progressive lenses to also see your digital devices, we've got your back and will take care of it for you. Glasses can slip, slide, fog up, and can put too much pressure on your face. Forget about all of those problems and ENJOY your experience.

Download a brochure here > Rx Insert Brochure