Wear Sunglasses ALL DAY... October 10th is World Sight Day

Wear your shades all day for World Sight Day. "Whether you are at work, in bed, at a restaurant, inside a movie theater, at the mall or anywhere your day might take you, we want you to "Be Shady" and show your support. Why wear your prescription sunglasses inside? Well our hope is that your friends, clients, classmates and co-workers ask you what you're doing with your shades on inside. When they do (because let's face it, they will) this sparks the opportunity to start a powerful dialogue. Most people don't know that visual impairment effects gender equality, economic opportunities, education and independence. And most people also don't know that of the 285 million people who are effected 80 percent, don't have to be.Also Read: The RX03 is Tifosi Optics insert for 2014