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The wait is over....Oakley Crosslinks are here and ready to ship!

So many customers have been asking about the Oakley Crosslink eyeglasses and when they are going to be available. Well, Heavyglare is one of the first dealers in country to get an order of them. They have been on a backorder from Oakley for months and they have finally arrived here at the The Oakley Crosslink Eyeglasses are a pretty sweet frame . They come in a wide variety of colors but the majority favorite is the white frame with the red and grey temples (the ones we just got in). The temples interchange with a simple twist on prescription sunglasses . Have the red for something flashy and the grey for a more professional look. These frames were made famous by Championship golfer Rory McIlroy and Pro Skater Bob BurnquistHaving a medium fit with a 53mm eye size.. these are suitable for most faces and most prescriptions.Also Read: Attention Shoppers!!
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