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Tell us how you like it? Soft Kore or Hard Kore?

Now that we have your attention. Don't let the title fool you, we're talking about sunglasses here! Not just any sunglasses, these are a true sport look that will definitely turn heads. Kaenon breaks the mold with its Hard Kore sunglasses . It's lightweight, incredibly durable, and intuitively integrates with the natural form of the wearer's head shape while accommodating different facial features. This frame is most suitable for medium to full-sized faces. Looking for something a little softer and smaller? Check out the Soft Kore Sunglasses . The lighter, smaller version of the Hard Kore Sunglasses . Designed with reduced cranial geometry and shorter temples to better fit smaller features, allows for unobstructed downward vision along with increased airflow.Also, Read:  Old Heritage turns Current Classic with Spy Optics Crosstown Collection So, whether you like the Hard Kore or Soft Kore.. these frames will definitely make you the envy of all your friends. Both frames are available in a wide variety of colors. Got an RX? We got you covered.

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