Surf The Snow: Chris Christenson

Electric Visual has been dropping videos recently called "Surf The Snow" focusing on different prominent people in the board sports industry. This week, they spoke with Chris Christenson, owner of Christenson Surfboards - the man who has been shaping boards for over 20 years. It is hard to come across highly respected riders and professionals in the surf industry who put the care, detail and spirit into every board that is produced by their hands, but Chris is one of the few. He is also a "born-again" snowboarder, and found the surfing aspect with snow on the mountains in Mammoth Lakes, California. Chris rides the Gentemstick's Taro Tamai boards, which are inspired by surfing themselves, and spends his winter days riding through powder in California and shaping surfboards in his cabin at night. Chris is one of the classic's who believe that craftsmanship is making a comeback in the snowboarding world, and thrives on it.

Prescription SunglassesAlso Read: South Africa X Nike Reveal Football Kits Surf the Snow: Part 3 - Chris Christenson and the power of powder displacement from Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo .