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Spy Bounty the newest Z87.1 Certified frame

Looking for a safety frame that is not only functional but 'fashionable' as well? Tired of the same old matte black frame color option. Well, recently released from Spy Optics comes the Bounty . Made of bomb proof Grilamid. What's Grilamid you ask? It's an extremely lightweight and very durable polymer that is also shatterproof.Per Spy: "Our shades make you look cool and help you see cool things, certainly, but they're also designed to keep your eyeballs protected and in your head. That's why we made sure this pair of specs was ANSI Z87.1 certified for lens retention and high mass impact resistance. That means if something hits you in the face (or if your face hits something), the lenses will resist ejecting, they won't shatter, and the prescription sunglasses frame won't break. One test these great optics endured is a 1/4-inch metal ball blasted at the them at more than 100 mph. The other is a 1.1 lb. pointed projectile dropped on them from more than 4 feet up."Also Read: Oakley Radar is a true die hard
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