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Side Effects of Using Low Quality UV rays Prescription Sunglasses

Right from school days; one might be hearing the fact that direct sunlight affects eyes as it contains harmful UV rays. But wait! You donퟀ t need to be feared from getting out of your home. Sun rays are useful in many ways. Since eyes are very delicate; thereafter it will affect the eyes. In fact, studies have shown that sunrays are also very useful as it prevents cancer, depression and many other diseases as a whole. So, it means that you should definitely go out and enjoy the sunshine. You just need to have an extra step and an extra care towards your eye. Thus, the usefulness of a perfect and a proper prescription sunglass comes into play. But simply wearing any random prescription sunglasses will do more damage to your eyes than you can think of yourself.

UV rays Prescription Sunglasses

Below we have mentioned 4 side effects which can occur if you wear low-quality prescription sunglasses:

1. Make sure your sunglass only blocks the harmful UV rays and not all the rays from the spectrum of the sunlight. If that be the case; then it will harm your body more and more. A good prescription sunglass should have the ability of only blocking the harmful UV rays and not all another essential light spectrum. Medical studies have shown that sunlight contains several wavelengths of light and most of them are beneficial for hum body. So make sure when you buy a pair of prescription sunglass it should have the ability to block harmful UV rays and not all the wavelengths of the sunlight. If you use low-quality prescription sunglasses than it will not have the ability to adapt to proper lighting. Thus, it might affect the rods and cones cells of your eyes.

2. Poor quality sunglasses will lead to eye fatigue. The reason is due to the fact that low-quality sunglasses will increase the stress on the eye on the amount of perceives the power of light. Thus as a matter of fact; eyes will be forced to perceive more light and it will lead to huge stress scenario for the eyes. Thus it will give rise to eye fatigue. Poor quality sunglasses might not 100% block harmful UV rays from the sunlight and this will affect more.

3. Eye specialists suggest that a proper sunglass or a prescription sunglass should have the ability to block 100% of the harmful UV rays from the sun and it should be tested well for proper protection as a whole.

4. Studies and research have shown that blue light emits from electronic devices which we use on a regular basis such as Smartphoneퟀ s, TVퟀ s, and etc. These blue lights are harmful to our eyes and will result in vision impairment. If you are using poor quality prescription sunglasses then it might not block the harmful blue light and as a result, it will affect your eyes. To conclude, itퟀ s advisable for using a better qualityprescription sunglass as it will keep your eyes healthy and secure.

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