PSY Gangnam Style sunglasses by Ray-Ban are now available

The newest sensation sweeping the nation goes by the name PSY! The song Gangham Style is currently seated at #2 on the Billboard charts. Not everyone can have the stellar dance moves of a Mikhail Baryshnikov. But everyone knows how to do the 'horse dance.' For those of you looking to unleash your inner Gangham Style, look no further than the Ray Ban 4168 Meteor prescription sunglasses to help with your street cred. Wanna be able to see your superior dance skills.... not to worry the Ray-Ban 4168 Meteor is available in rx too.Available in Black and Havana ...these are flying off the shelves! Forget about ' Bieber Fever' it's 'PSY Time 'Also Read: The Oakley Radar will help you weather the storm
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