Oakley Frogskins one of the most commonly counterfeited sunglasses on the market.. KNOW HOW TO SPOT A FAKE!

I get asked by many of my friends.. "How can you tell if you are getting a REAL pair of Oakley Sunglasses or not?" There are a few certain tell-tale signs that I will tell you about so you will know for sure next time you buy. Heavyglare is an authorized Oakley dealer we ONLY sell 100% Authentic Oakley's. 1) Inspect the prescription sunglasses for stickers. Oakley does not place stickers on its sunglasses that say "Genuine Oakley" or "100% Authentic." ( The photo below is a commonly counter fitted Oakley Frogskins) 2) Look for the "O" or "Oakley" name on the arm (temple) of the frame. Oakley sunglasses have a raised "O" or "Oakley" that is a separate material than the frame. About 80% of fake Oakley Sunglasses will have the "O" or "Oakley" silk screened onto the frame or the letters will be misshapen. (Notice in the photo below the poor paint job on the lettering on the Oakley)Also Read: Wearing Sunglasses is a definite DO.. just ask Anderson Cooper Can you spot the real vs the fake ones in the above photo!? If you said the black ones on top were the only real ones... you'd be CORRECT!
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